Over 45s face age and sex discrimination

middle aged ladyA major report to be published tomorrow has found that women over 45 are being written off by most employers and are being subjected to age and sex discrimination.

The research, by Ros Altmann, is Government backed and is based on interviews with HR executives, bosses and employees. Damning evidence of women over 45 being overlooked for promotion, training and recruitment has been found.

The report will state, “Promotion prospects for older women are limited – talent progression for them stops around age 45.  For men it is said to be around age 55.  After that, the attitudes in the workplace usually change”.

Dr Altmann commented, “This should be as unacceptable as deciding not to promote or train them for career progression because of their race. It is pure discrimination.”

The television industry is cited as a prime example of this type of attitude with older women far less likely to be retained as main newsreaders or presenters.  Former Countryfile presenter, Miriam O’Reilly, 58, won a landmark age discrimination case against the BBC four years ago after claiming that she was axed from the show when it moved to a primetime slot.  More recently, a former BBC journalist, Olenka Frenkiel, claimed that the corporation wrote off women over 50 as “barking”. She was presented with notice of redundancy in her mid 50s.  Dr Altmann said that the media is one of many industries failing to value women over 45.

A recent survey of teachers over 50 by the union NASUWT found that 40% had seen job advertisements that suggested older teachers should not apply. Almost a third claimed that they had been subjected to negative comments about their competence due to their age.