Company History

ldn-officeAlpha Law

Alpha Law is a division of Premier Legal LLP, a firm established in 2003 by Sarah Robinson who is still the Managing Partner

Alpha Law has always operated from the same offices in Nottingham, but in 2012 we opened new offices in Mayfair, London to meet the growing demand for our services from clients based in London and the South East.

We act for clients throughout the United Kingdom and have a reputation for securing the best possible outcomes for our clients when negotiating termination packages and in the employment tribunal. Although Alpha Law’s lawyers have rapidly built a reputation for dealing with the claims of high net worth individuals, they are equally at home dealing with claims for people on all levels of income. Let’s be honest your pay is important to you no matter how much you earn.

Alpha Law is a team of experienced specialist Solicitors and Barristers and you can be safe in the knowledge that only a qualified Solicitor or Barrister will deal with your case.

Between them the lawyers at Alpha Law have over 30 years of experience in representing clients at all levels from the factory floor to the board room.

Alpha Law is, what is known as, a boutique firm. We are specialist employment solicitors and all of the lawyers concentrate 100% on employment law so they can rightly claim to be experts in the subject.