Employee Rights in the Workplace & Legislation

Every employee has a set a rights that an employer needs to honour. Most employers have no problem with this and staff are treated properly and fairly. However, it is sometimes important to understand what you are allowed to ask for, or what you are entitled to respect.

If you check out the links on the left hand side or in this page you can find out about your basic employment rights, your employment status (whether you are employed or self-employed), flexible working and even how to take your claim to an Employment Tribunal.

By clicking on the links below you can find out about;

Unfair Dismissal or Redundancy, Shared Parental Leave, Discrimination or  Disciplinaries

Bullying and Harassment and Settlement Agreements (Compromise Agreements).

Some of the links will take you to other service or information pages within our website or to our Blog. In either case, you will find more detailed information on employee rights. However, no website could answer all the questions that someone might have about their employment rights as there are over 250 pieces of legislation that help to make up employment law. The solicitors at Alpha Law have years of experience in advising on employment law and employee rights, in fact, each of the lawyers has trained other lawyers and HR professionals.

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