Every employee has a set of basic employment rights which employers must adhere to, for instance, did you know that:

• All employees have the right to be issued with a statement of terms and conditions of employment within two months of the start of their employment?

• Employees with over two years’ service have the right not to be unfairly dismissed.

• There are many claims that can be presented to the Tribunal by employees with less than two years’ service.

• If you are ill whilst on holiday then subject to you complying with your employers reporting in requirements, you could be entitled to take that holiday again.

• If you are put at risk of redundancy whilst on maternity leave you have the right to be offered any suitable available vacancies within the business.

• If your employer does not respond to your grievance or follow a fair and reasonable procedure when dismissing you then any compensation awarded to you by the Tribunal can be increased by up to 25%.