Employment Tribunal Fees Quashed

All Employment Tribunal Fees Quashed

In a landmark case at the Supreme Court all tribunal fees have been quashed, so if you have a claim against your employer or ex-employer it will no longer cost you up to £1,200 to have your case heard.

Since 2013 it has cost £250 to issue a claim in most cases and a further £950 for a hearing fee. In one fell swoop the Supreme Court has said that these charges are unlawful and must cease immediately. Anyone who has paid fees over the last 4 years will have their money refunded to them.

Employment Tribunal Fees were seen as a major stumbling block to many people and tribunal claims were down over 70% during the 4 years of the fee regime, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

The good news for employees is that they can make a claim without having to worry about finding the money to fund the fees.

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