Funding your case

legal costsFunding your case will be discussed with you at the outset of your matter.  Clients sometimes have legal expense insurance that will cover the cost of an employment tribunal claim as part of their household insurance policy.  Such policies usually only cover legal costs from the point at which a tribunal claim is submitted and will not cover the cost of any initial advice.  Occasionally, we come across policies that do cover the costs of advising in relation to disciplinary or grievance issues so it is well worth checking whether you have legal expense cover and, if so, what it will cover you for.

In some circumstances we are able to consider offering to undertake your case under a Damages Based Agreement (often called No Win No Fee), which means that we only recover costs if your claim is successful and that you do not pay any legal fees if it is not.

In other cases our fees are charged at an hourly rate based on the time spent on your matter.  All time is recorded and itemised.  Hourly rates vary according to the type of matter and level of fee earner conducting your case.  You can rest assured that you will be provided with accurate written fee estimates in advance of work being undertaken and that there will be no nasty surprises in terms of unexpected invoices.

Where possible, we undertake work for an agreed fixed fee or on a capped fee basis. With a capped fee we will set a fee at an amount that we think it is likely to cost and guarantee not to go over that figure no matter what comes up, hover if the matter finishes with less than the capped fee owing you will only have to pay for the actual time used. This option is a bit of a win win of our clients as they will always know the maximum that they will have to pay, but they are not committed to a fixed fee if the matter settles early.

In cases involving the negotiation of a termination payment and settlement agreement we generally secure most (if not all) of the costs incurred from your employer.