Legal Costs in Law Employment Cases

legal costs

If you have been unfairly treated at work, or are facing unlawful dismissal, it is important to talk to a specialist employment law solicitor.

Many people faced with difficult situations at work may be put off legal representation because of the costs involved, but legal costs to cover employment law cases are actually more affordable than you think.

We specialise purely in employment law and each of our employment lawyers has many years’ experience of acting for employees in employment tribunal claims. We consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients at tribunal and in negotiated settlements.

There are a number of ways in which your legal costs may be met.

1. Home Insurance Policies

Many Home Insurance Policies include covering legal costs relating to your employment as part of the policy. To check if you are covered under your home insurance, check your key features or telephone your insurance provider.

2. Fee Protection Insurance

As legal aid is no longer available to cover legal costs for employment tribunal funding, many people may choose to accept settlements from their former employer rather than face the costs of an employment tribunal. Alpha Law offer employment tribunal representation under a fixed fee policy, enabling you to choose high-quality legal advice at a very affordable, capped cost. Get in touch for more information on our employment tribunal costs.

3. No Win, No Fee

Our No Win, No Fee service is subject to eligibility, you can find out more about this service here.

If you are facing disciplinary action at work, are being unfairly treated or have been dismissed or made redundant, help and advice from our specialist employment law solicitors may be more affordable than you think. We have offices in Nottingham and London, but we offer advice wherever you are based in the UK.

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