Are you an older person looking for work?

older-person-cvThe battle for employers to keep up to speed with new technology and processes, while at the same time employing a diverse workforce continues, with the revelation that many older people are editing their CVs to avoid age discrimination.

The Sunday Times recently reported that some people looking for work in their early forties upwards are removing details about previous work history, and even changing their qualifications from ‘O’ levels to GCSEs so that any potential employer cannot detect their real age. These older workers believe that appearing younger will increase their chances of being recruited — or even just interviewed — for a new job.

While honesty is usually the best policy, when it comes to looking for a new job, applicants are seemingly being penalised for showcasing their talents.

Potential employers are not advised to demand an applicant’s date of birth as this could be regarded as workplace age discrimination. So eliminating candidates on the basis of ‘historic’ information and the type of qualifications they hold could be a tactic employed by some bosses to ‘weed out’ older job applicants in a minority of organisations.

The government tsar for older workers, Ros Altmann, says that privately, employment agencies have admitted to being “specifically instructed not to bother putting forward older people”, and that the assumption was that older people are not flexible or creative, and are not likely to stay in the job for long. In reality, the previous experience gained by older people means they have a host of creative ideas, bags of confidence and have gained a thorough knowledge of business processes.

Whatever your views, employees with relevant experience, regardless of their age, are always a valuable asset to any organisation, and with this comes knowledge and efficiency. A diverse workforce is proven to be a factor in how successful a business can be.

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