An important change for April 2019 is that your employers need to provide you with a payslip whether you are an employee or a worker and those payslips need to provide more information. All staff are entitled to a payslip for each pay period and if you are hourly paid that slip must now show the number of hours worked in that pay period.i For anyone on a salary who receives extra pay for overtime, only the overtime hours need to be shown.

Government guidance on the new payslip rules can be found by clicking here.

Enforcement of this is going to be interesting, If you do not receive a payslip you are entitled to raise a case with the employment tribunal. The penalty for the employer is that the tribunal can look back for 13 weeks and award you any deductions that were made, even if they were completely lawful deductions. Of course, you should ask your employer to provide the payslip before you try to instigate court proceedings and only if you are refused or you still don’t get the payslips should you start legal action.

It is also important that you keep a copy of your payslips, they may become useful if there is ever an argument about a payment or deduction. It also makes sense to check you payslip against any money that is paid into your bank account.

You have always had a legal right to receive a payslip if you are an employee of a firm, the new legislation strengthens that right, improves on the information that the payslips must provide and extends the right to ‘workers’ as well as employees. If you are unsure about your employment status the Government has proved a comprehensive guide which you can find by clicking here, or you can call the experts at Alpha Law on 0115 856 1625.

Increases to the National Living and National Minimum Wage from April 2019 can be found by clicking here