Calculating your Schedule of Loss

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In attempting to settle your claim through Acas it will be essential for you to know the value of your claim.

Acas will ask you how much you are seeking to settle your claim but unless you know the value of your claim this will be extremely difficult, and you may easily end up settling for far less than your claim is worth.

Acas cannot provide legal advice and will not be able to advise you on the calculation of the value of your claim. We strongly recommend that you seek professional expert advice on the value of your claim before you contact Acas to commence the early conciliation procedure.

Alpha Law will prepare a Schedule of Loss for you on an agreed fixed fee. Our experienced solicitors will look at your case in detail and assess what your claim is worth.
How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

    Gross Annual Basic Pay*

    Employer's Annual pension Contributions*

    Annual Value Of Other Employment Benefits e.g. Company Car, Private health Insurance*

    Date of Birth*

    Effective Date of Termination i.e. Date Your Employment Ended*

    Period Of Service*

    Period of Job Seekers Allowance/ Income Support*

    Date New Employment Started*

    Net Monthly Pay in New Employment*

    Have You Been Subject To Unlawful Discrimination?*

    Reason For Termination*

    Did Your Employer Follow The Disciplinary Procedure?*

    Did You Raise a Grievance?*

    Contact Details:


    Contact Number

    Email Address*

    We will NEVER share your information with third parties and this information will be used solely to generate an indication of your case value.

    What we do:

    • Provide you with an expertly prepared Schedule of Losses
    • Explain the law and process clearly so you can make an informed choice on how to proceed
    • Communicate with you confidentially in a way that you choose
    • Keep you fully informed every step of the way

    What we DON’T do:

    • Provide template or generic Schedules of Loss for you to complete
    • Charge you more than the agreed fixed fee
    • Contact you about any other matter unless you request it
    • Share your information with any 3rd parties
    You can find out more about our Schedule of Loss service here.


    What our clients think

    I had been employed with my company for over 10 years in a senior manager role. I needed advice quickly. I was fortunate to be able to work with Sarah Robinson. Throughout the process Sarah’s professional advice was invaluable. Sarah was kind, thoughtful and empathetic. Most importantly she acted on my behalf in an effective and efficient way. Pointing out my options and the value in each option. Giving me time to consider each point before and taking very clear direct action on my behalf to achieve an agreeable outcome. A good job done! Thank you Sarah and Alpha Law!

    Mrs Platt – September 2014

    On a personal note just want to say thank you to yourself and Natalie, in reality I think we have achieved the best possible outcome

    Mr Williams – August 2014

    May I convey my sincere thanks for guiding me through this ordeal, you have been very helpful and professional in helping me achieve a sound settlement.

    Mr Howie – August 2014

    Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts on my behalf. A situation like this is never going to be easy. but I’m pleased to say that this end of it has been efficient and painless. It’s very much appreciated.

    Mr Ward – May 2014

    …as soon as I met you and we went through the case, I was immediately put at ease by your ability to understand my circumstances, your knowledge in the area, systematic approach and confidence, which was a real “pick me up” after what I had just gone through. Your professionalism but also your approach have certainly helped and guided me to make the right decisions which has delivered a fantastic result and so quickly at that; you have been amazing for which I cannot ever thank you enough.

    Mr E – November 2013

    My sincere thanks for your considerable help, advice and the result you achieved for Nick. The outcome was beyond Nick’s initial expectations and has resulted in significant change in his mental state, thankfully for the better. I will of course, recommend you in future should anyone else I know have the need for employment advice.

    Mr Barlow – September 2013

    that’s a fantastic result, above expectation. Very glad I chose Alpha Law now! ……….. Many thanks again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you, Sarah and Natalie. Alpha Law was worth every penny and I’ll be sure to recommend you in the future.

    Mr Latham – August 2013

    I must say I have been extremely impressed with your level of service and have spoken out about such…. Thanks again. You have all been fantastic!!

    C Curzon – July 2013

    Hi Natalie, I have now received the cheque from you and would like to thank you and your team for all the help and support you gave me. I know I could not have done this without your help thanks again.

    Mr Ali – April 2013

    Thanks Natalie, you’ve been super throughout this process and we both appreciate your advice, support and dealing with this matter for us

    March 2013