Schedule of Loss

In attempting to settle your claim through Acas it will be essential for you to know the value of your claim.

shutterstock_139882324Acas will ask you how much you are seeking to settle your claim but unless you know the value of your claim this will be extremely difficult, and you may easily end up settling for far less than your claim is worth.

Acas cannot provide legal advice and will not be able to advise you on the calculation of the value of your claim. We strongly recommend that you seek professional expert advice on the value of your claim before you contact Acas to commence the early conciliation procedure.

We will carry out an assessment of the value of your claim and provide you with a Schedule of Loss which sets out the components of your claim.

Estimate Your Schedule of Loss
The Schedule of Loss will maximise your claim and will provide you with an accurate starting point from which you can negotiate confidently with a view to settling your claim on the best possible terms. This will greatly assist you in your negotiations and will ensure that all the heads of loss that you can claim are included.  For example, in any given claim there may be a basis for awards of notice pay, loss of contractual benefits, a basic award, compensatory award, loss of statutory rights, injury to feelings, and uplifts of up to 25%.

There is no fixed amount for such heads of loss but we can advise you on the appropriate figures according to your particular circumstances. For instance, there is a range of awards for injury to feelings and the amount claimed will vary from case to case.  It is important that you obtain professional advice on the compensation and heads of loss that apply in your particular case to ensure that your best case is put forward at the outset.

In all but the simplest of claims, your position will be compromised if you do not seek professional advice on the value before you enter the early conciliation process.

Alpha Law can advise you on the value on your claim and prepare a Schedule of Loss for use in the early conciliation process and any subsequent tribunal claim for a fixed fee.  Please complete the form and confirm your preferred contact method. One of our team will contact you within 12 hours.


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