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Specialist employment lawyers at Alpha Law can guide you through the minefield of legislation that makes up the employment relationship. Please click the titles on the left to find information on your particular issue, and if your problem is not listed, don’t worry, simply call us on; 0115 856 1625 and one of the team will help you.

Employment legislation changes several times a year and very few people are able to keep up with their ever changing rights, for instance, did you know that a man will soon be entitled to take time off for ante-natal visits or that new mothers will be able to share their maternity leave and pay with their partners. Did you know that if you are taken ill while on holiday, you have the right to take that leave again at a later time. There are so many subtle employment rights as well as the well-known issues around unfair dismissal, discrimination, disciplinaries and grievances. Call us whatever your employment issue and no matter how trivial you think it may be.

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Alpha law’s specialists¬†have been providing employment help, advice and advocacy for over 30 years so it is unlikely that you will stump them, but they are all up to a challenge. So whether you have a redundancy issue or you just feel as if your boss is not playing fair with you as an employee, contact Alpha Law for help, assistance or reassurance.

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