Acas Early Conciliation Service

With effect from 6 May 2014 if you wish to bring a claim in the employment tribunal you must first comply with the requirements of the mandatory Acas early conciliation procedure.

shutterstock_139882324There is a duty to attempt early conciliation of most employment disputes before you can lodge a tribunal claim.

The mandatory Early Conciliation Procedure can be summarised as follows:

  1. If you wish to bring an employment tribunal claim, you must provide “prescribed information” in the “prescribed manner” to Acas.  This may be done using an early conciliation form or by telephoning Acas. Click here for the early conciliation form.
  1. An early conciliation support officer (ECSO) will contact you. They will explain the procedure, take details and check that you wish to proceed with early conciliation. As long as you do your information will be sent to a conciliation officer.

How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

  1. The conciliation officer will contact you.  In addition to discussing your complaint, the conciliation officer will check that you agree to the conciliation officer contacting the prospective respondent (normally your employer).  Provided that the conciliation officer is able to contact the prospective respondent and the prospective respondent is willing to participate in early conciliation the conciliation officer must try to promote settlement between the parties within the prescribed period.  The early conciliation period is one calendar month from the date you first contact Acas.
  2. In attempting to settle your claim through Acas, it will be essential for you to know the value of your claim. Acas will ask you to submit a Schedule of Loss at the start of the early conciliation process. It is essential to ensure this Schedule of Loss is compiled with a legal professional to make sure you don’t settle for far less than you are entitled to. Alpha Law will help you prepare a Schedule of Loss for a fixed fee so you know exactly what your claim is worth.