Unfair Dismissal

Unfairly Dismissed by your Employer?

shutterstock_218943919If you were:

  • an employee
  • worked in or carried out work in the UK
  • have at least 2 years’ continuous employment*

you are protected from being unfairly dismissed.

Your employer must be able to show that your dismissal was for one or more of the following potentially fair reasons:

  • conduct
  • capability or qualifications
  • redundancy
  • that your continued employment breached a statutory restriction
  • some other substantial reason


Your employer must also show that they acted reasonably when they dismissed you for that reason and they must have followed a fair procedure before dismissing you.  This will include following the ACAS Code in cases involving conduct or performance.

If your employer has not complied with these requirements at all or fully then you will be able to bring an employment tribunal claim for compensation for unfair dismissal.  An employment tribunal can award up to one year’s gross salary or unlimited compensation in certain cases.

*Dismissals for certain reasons including: pregnancy, maternity, paternity, parental leave, adoption leave, time off for dependants, health and safety, working time, minimum wage, whistleblowing, flexible working, asserting a statutory right are automatically unfair and there is no need to have 2 years continuous employment in order to make a claim.

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